How to enjoy delicious sukiyaki

  • Meat

    To enjoy the juiciness and sweetness of the meat, dip the sliced meat back and forth.

    Once it changed colour, it’s ready to eat. Lamb and chicken may take longer to cook.

    - すき屋特選肉牛肉は鍋に入れて色が変わりましたら。ラムや鶏肉は少し長めに煮てください。

  • Vegetables

    Cook the hard vegetables first, because they take a longer time to cook.

    Mushrooms and green cooks in seconds in boiling stock.

    野菜 - 煮えにくい野菜からキノコ類や緑の野菜は後からお入れください。

  • Sukiyaki

    Fresh pasteurised eggs. Beaten raw egg as dipping sauce.

    Good on it’s own.

    すき焼き - 生玉子につけてお食べください。より美味しく食べられます。

  • All prices are subjected to Service Charge and GST 6%. Any wastage cost 20% of total bill.
  • We are pork free, our meat suppliers are all halal certified.

Shabu-shabu dipping sauce

Gomatare - Sesame Sauce
Suitable for all ingredients.

For a nutty flavor, kindly ask from our service crew.


Ponzu - Shoyu with vinegar
Suitable for vegetables.

Add grated radish and chopped spring onion to your preference. To spice it up, add chopped chillies.


Misotare - Bean Paste Sauce
Suitable for meat.

Good on it’s own. Add spring onion, garlic or chopped chillies to your preference.


Create your own sauce
Create your own dipping sauce.

Add some chopped chilli, garlic, spring onion or grated radish to create your own special delectable dip.

薬味など入れて お好みの味に。

Suki-Ya uses only premium quality pasturised eggs.

To enjoy, dip freshly cooked meat into egg.

Dipping ingredients into egg also can take away some heat before you sink a bit into it.

特選玉子 - 新鮮で安心して食べられる玉子を選びました。